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Drawing for Life

Drawing for Life

You may have heard it before but it's always a good reminder that taking little actions consistently over time can lead to great rewards. This is true in many areas of life and can be applied to anything you want to achieve. I thought I'd share a creative outlet of mine today and hopefully encourage you to invite some creativity into your own path.

Bush Life Drawing

Last Sunday I spent a couple of hours in the bush with new friends, some art supplies, a beautiful nude model and Filippa Edghill - incredible artist and life-drawing guide. 

These are spontaneous sessions that Filippa releases details on a couple of weeks prior - always in nature and always magical. This was the third session and is open to everyone from complete beginners to experienced artists, all materials supplied. Here is a little taste of what it looked like:




It got me thinking about how daunting life-drawing could be if you have very little prior experience drawing people. If you think it would be lovely to attend life-drawing (wherever it is that you are) but you don't think you can draw well or you wouldn't be happy with your work then try this.

Set aside a little time each day or each week to copy or trace a figure (or if it's hands or feet you struggle with the most - focus on those). You'll be pleasantly surprised at how much confidence it will give you and how much more enjoyable the process of life-drawing can be if you just get to know some of the natural curves of body parts. 

charcoal sketch of a woman in the australian bush in dappled sunlight 

I also think this can be applied to any kind of creative pursuit. If there's something you're curious about, a skill or a hobby and the only thing stopping you is that you don't think you'll be much good - I urge you to chip away for a little while and watch yourself progress.


charcoal sketch in a sketchbook of a woman in the australian bush sitting in a creek

Also just take the leap into something outside your comfort zone rather than waiting to be 'good enough'. I especially love art created by people less structured or 'accurate' in their approach - I think it's super cool to see a representation of something from the unique eye and hand of someone that puts their own creative spin on it. The most uninhibited is the complete beginner but many established artists also embrace that creative expression and create incredible and unique work. I urge you to play!

soft oil pastel life drawing on brown paper and charcoal sketches of nude model with nature bush backdrop

A 30 minute soft oil pastel drawing and 3 minute charcoal warm-up sketches.


There was a sign on the way into the beautiful private hinterland property where the Bush Life Drawing session took place, it read

"Trust your path, even if you can't see what's ahead"

I think this is so relevant to this very practice of working at a hobby or a skill - even if you can't see the results right now or don't understand what it's all for I truly think that if it feels good to do or working toward it feels right then you're on the right path. It may be a little detour to another path that is even more aligned, but that's for us to discover as time unfolds.

a sign in the bush reading "trust your path even if you can't see what's ahead"

If you're in the Northern Rivers area and you would like to join the group session with Filippa the Instagram is @bush_life_drawing - sign up to receive an email invitation and get notified when upcoming sessions are released.

I encourage you wherever you are, if you have a curiosity for something look out for a class or an opportunity in your local area (or even online!). 

Going to these sessions reminds me how good it is to make time for creativity, to slow down, have fun, and try something new! (for me - oil pastels!). It may not even be in the creating but the connecting with other people where magic can begin. 

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