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The journey begins..

The journey begins..

Hound Town is more than just pretty pastel drawings of dogs.

It’s also about falling face first into a wave for no apparent reason, bum up, board gone. (yes that is me. lol.)

It’s about having fun, having a laugh and enjoying the GOOD - the good times, the good life, and of course all the good dogs

Hound Town is here to spread a little happiness and bring focus back onto the good stuff life has to offer.

And Hound Town is also here to DO good, I want to do a little more than just spread happiness, so please join me on this journey and let’s make this world a little bit brighter together.

Photo by @gianggaw


On a final note, this illustration seems to sum up what Hound Town is all about:

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Happy family van life custom family portrait with dogs surfboards and sunset in watercolour pastel blue yellow and pink painting by Clare Duffy

It Runs in the Family

Hound Town exhibition – Postcard Byron Bay

Hound Town exhibition – Postcard Byron Bay

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