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Children's books with a message - Davie the Dingo for Wildbnb

Children's books with a message - Davie the Dingo for Wildbnb

As an illustrator I feel incredibly drawn to illustrate for children's books. My goal with Hound Town is to spread happiness, inspire, educate and encourage. I believe storytelling is such an effective way to do all of these things and my intention is to deliver these and impact both adults and children alike. My very first story which I am yet to officially self-publish but have done a test print of is called Davie the Dingo.

A stack of children's books by Clare Duffy the cover which has a dingo, a nestbox and  Australian native animals is titled Davie the Dingo, on the right side of the picture one of the books is open to a spread featuring a tree hollow and a possum on a palm tree..

Davie the Dingo tells the story of Dave Brooks, founder of WildlifeBnb, a company which has developed a range of nest boxes and build, install and monitor them in all kinds of properties. The purpose of nest boxes is to replace lost tree hollows due to bushfires and urban development.

Dave and I at the Brunswick Valley Landcare Auction Night raising awareness and funds to help get more nest boxes put up in our region.

artist Clare Duffy showing Dave Brooks of Wild BnB the base of the nest box she painted and the story behind the paintings on the nest box 

The story came about when I was asked to contribute my time and art by painting a nest-box to help Brunswick Valley Landcare, a not-for-profit company raise funds for Wildbnb to install nest boxes around the Northern Rivers. Byron Bay, in which I reside, is part of this region and is a place that is very close to my heart.

Here is a video of some time lapses of one of the panels.

I decided I wanted to take each side of the nest box to be a different scene in the story. This meant I only had 6 paintings in which to tell the story of Dave. I decided he could be a Dingo as the animals featured are also native to Australia and to tie in Hound Town I did need a dog after all :) 
Here is some of my initial working and sketching. I looked into a lot of the animals who use this particular size nest box that I was painting on.
A working sketch of a nest box split into its various panels with some colour put into the bottom panel and a sugar glider at the bottom right corner.


I decided on an orange and brown colour palette, which was a bit of a shift for me considering I always paint in pastel pink, yellow and blue! But I fell in love with it and it fit the theme very well. It felt more natural and would look at home up in the trees.

A painted nest box sitting on top of a cane stool in a grassy australian backyard. Possums and a dingo feature in the paintings in the cartoon style of Clare Duffy.

As you can imagine the story is very short and sweet but tells a clear message that we must nurture nature the best that we can and take Dave's example of providing homes for wildlife as a beautifully selfless action that helps wildlife flourish and ultimately makes us feel good too!

An artist with her artwork a painted nest box, the painting is of a dingo climbing a ladder to a nest box in the Australian eucalypt forest and some koalas are reading the newspaper watching as some ringtail possums play on a nest box in the background.

I am still working on making this one available for purchase (it's not easy doing small runs of children's books - you can't exactly achieve the quality and the price people expect to pay!). But I will be releasing a very small run just so I can put it out there into the world and I will continue to build on my little collection of books. 

a bush scene from the canopy with a sugar glider taking up the bottom left of the frame, a possum top left and Davie the Dingo down at the forest floor amongst the trees and plants.

I'm also going to keep you guys posted on a digital download you can purchase once I release the hard copies too. I think I'll get some colouring in print outs and games or maybe have some fun with some activity sheets to go with it - so there is plenty of value for you! 

 Artist standing next to her painted nest box selling for Auction. Nest box sits on top of a barrel overlooking rainforest at Byron Bay's Brookie's Gin

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